Legal Hotline

The Legal Hotline


If you are calling from outside the 208 area code, please call the IR office at (800) 621-7553.

Hotline Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 12:00 pm, MST

When should the hotline be utilized?

Questions should be submitted to the Hotline by an agent's Broker or by an agent previously authorized by the Broker. Typically, the Hotline responds to calls verbally within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of a call, and in writing within forty-eight (48) hours after verbal contact.  More complex matters may require additional time.

Terms of Use

Risch Pisca PLLC represents Idaho REALTORS® (IR) and, in that capacity, operates the Legal Hotline to provide general legal responses to the association responding to questions and requests from association members relevant to broad-based real estate brokerage business practices and applications based on the limited facts provided during each specific call. Responses are based solely upon the limited information provided, facts are not independently investigated or verified for accuracy and specific document review is not typically allowed.  As with any legal matter, the outcome of any particular case or issue is dependent upon its facts. Responses provided to IR are not intended, nor shall be construed, as a guarantee of the outcome of any legal dispute. The scope of the response is limited to the specific issues addressed therein, and no analysis, advice or conclusion is implied or may be inferred beyond the matters expressly stated therein. 

Frequently responses are based upon the specific terms of the IR form contracts provided to IR members and said forms are subject to revision annually.  In addition the law is ever changing; it is always, being interpreted or redefined.  Therefore, responses, while accurate at the time, may be superseded or supplemented and neither IR nor its legal counsel have any obligation or duty to advise of any change in circumstances that may affect the conclusions set forth in any response.  The legal counsel employed by the Legal Hotline may represent or be separately retained by individual brokerages, agents, buyers, sellers and frequently represents the state and local associations in professional standards, ethics and arbitration hearings.  If callers are concerned about conflicts they should specifically request a conflicts check prior to discussing matters with the Legal Hotline.

While reproductions of written and oral advice may be provided to Association members as a courtesy, it should not be taken as legal representation of association members or their clients and therefore no attorney-client relationship with said members or clients is inferred, intended, or created.  Facts and circumstances conveyed to the Legal Hotline are not private, confidential or privileged.   The Legal Hotline is not to be utilized as a substitute for independent legal counsel. 

Without prior written consent from the panel, Hotline responses are not allowed to be utilized or introduced in REALTOR® professional standards matters including ethics and arbitration hearings.


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