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Transition Steps to Form Simplicity


Click Here for the Introduction Message from President Tracy Kasper

STEP ONE: Log into the System


Click here for first time log-in instructions  


*Please note: you will not see any of your forms libraries. We are transitioning in stages. This is to allow for time to transfer your transactions to the new system.

STEP TWO: Archiving in Instanet

Step two in the forms transition process, is to archive your files from Instanet. Below are videos (with audio) and written instructions of the process in the different Instanet formats. It is recommended that you archive from either the PRO or LITE versions of Instanet and not the new Instanet dashboard.

***This is ONLY for archiving in Instanet***

How to Switch from the NEW Instanet Platform to Instanet PRO

Click here for the Switch from Instanet New to Instanet PRO instructional video​​​

  1. On the dashboard, click the three green bars in the upper left hand corner
  2. A bar will open on the left side of the screen, scroll down and click "SWITCH"

How to Archive in Instanet PRO

Click here for the Instanet PRO Archive instructional video​​​

  1. Select "Work with an Existing Transaction"
  2. Find and select files ready to be closed and archived
  3. In the "I would like to" box, select "archive selected transactions"
  4. Documents will be archived and put on the 1st page (click page 1)
  5. Click the document
  6. In the "documents" hub, click "edit"
  7. Document is at the top labeled "archive", click the download arrow
  8. (windows 10 users) Document opens in a new tab, click upper right corner download arrow

How to Archive in Instanet LITE

Click here for the Instanet LITE Archive instructional video​​​

  1. Click the "Transactions" Button
  2. Find and select files ready to be archived
  3. In the "I would like to" box, select "archive selected transactions"
  4. It may take a couple minutes, then documents will be put on the 1st page (click page 1)
  5. Click the new document on page 1
  6. Click the "documents" tab at the top
  7. Document is the first file on top labeled "archive"
  8. Click the download arrow to the right of "archive"
  9. (windows 10) A new page will open, click the download arrow in the upper right corner

How to Switch from Instanet PRO to Instanet LITE and Vice Versa

Click here for the Switch from Instanet PRO to Instanet LITE instructional video​​​

  1. Click the Instanet PRO or Instanet LITE button on the upper right hand side of the window

How to Open Archived Files that were Downloaded to View Specific Documents

Click here for the opening archived files instructional video

  1. Open downloaded archive file
  2. Right click on the file and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  3. Locate the "Click to open package" bar in the document and click it
  4. Double click the document you are looking for in the (newly opened) left panel
  5. The document will appear in the main display section. Save, send, print etc. from here.

STEP THREE: Uploading and/or Emailing Files 

into a Form Simplicity Active Transaction

Click here for instructions on uploading and/or emailing documents into Form Simplicity

STEP FOUR: Webinar Training


Foundations of Form Simplicity

Leveraging Form Simplicity's Management Tools for the Broker:

Optimizing Your Workflow with Form Simplicity:

If you missed the live training and/or the webinars, contact Melissa at to schedule a training.

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Non-Licensee Access Authorization Forms:

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Broker Assistant Only Super-User Non-Licensee Form

If you are NOT a Broker:

REALTORS® Non-Licensee Form

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