Idaho Association of REALTORS® Forms: Copyright, All Rights Reserved

The Idaho Association of REALTORS® Forms cannot be used by anyone that is not an active REALTOR® Member of the Idaho Association of REALTORS®, however, IAR does permit Non-Idaho REALTOR® Members to access and use the IAR Forms under the following circumstances:

  • The individual must be a current and active member of the National Association of REALTORS® to make an application for use of the IAR Forms.
  • The individual must have paid IAR for access and use of the IAR Forms prior to use of the Forms. Contact IAR (208-342-3585) for further details regarding pricing and use.
  • The contents of the IAR Forms may not be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise provided, directly or indirectly, to any other third party for use, dissemination, distribution or display without the prior written consent of the Idaho Association of REALTORS®. Any unauthorized use, transfer, or assignment of the IAR Forms may result in loss of rights to access the Forms in addition to any other legal damages.

IAR Forms are for authorized use only.


Non-Licensee Access Authorization Forms:

If you are a Broker:

Broker Assistant Only Super-User Non-Licensee Form

If you are NOT a Broker:

REALTORS® Non-Licensee Form

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