Idaho REALTORS® Scholarships

Applications are closed. Check back in 2018. Thank you to all that applied.



About the Scholarships

Our commitment to support higher education is at the heart of the Idaho REALTORS®’desire to make a difference. This year, we will be offering FIVE scholarships. 

The $1000 higher education scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in college or university for current school year.

Preference is given to students:

  • Studying real estate or a real estate related field
  • Family members of REALTORS® 

Note: Family members of current IR Scholarship Committee will not be considered for this scholarship unless they opt to drop from the committee for the calendar year in question prior to scholarship deadline date. In order to be able to count anyone as a member of the family, that member must be an active paid REALTOR® /affiliate showing paid membership to Idaho REALTORS® (affiliates connected only to a local association do not count). 


  • Attending colleges and universities within the state of Idaho


Congratulations to the 2016 winner, Niko Icardo

Niko Icardo will be attending the University of Idaho this fall. He is starting a dual bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics. He then intends to pursue a Ph.D. in physics. Niko enjoys hiking, skiing, tennis and playing chess. He also thoroughly enjoys researching, reading and building science projects. Science projects he has worked on have been to build hovercrafts, work on an atmosphere balloon photography system and an attempt at electrostatic nuclear fusion. Congratulations again Niko, and we at Idaho REALTORS® wish you success in your endeavors.