Idaho REALTORS® promotes the business interests of its members, advances the high standards of business conduct expressed in the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and protects private property rights.


Idaho REALTORS® is the Voice for Real Estate, meeting the needs of the Idaho real estate industry, and through it, the broader community.

Core Principles

  • Proactive Engagement in the political/regulatory process is FUNDAMENTAL to promoting REALTORS® business interests and preserving private property rights
  • Consistent Outreach to consumers to communicate the “REALTOR® Value” message is IMPERATIVE to ensure REALTORS® remain the Voice for Real Estate
  • Cooperative Partnerships with Brokers, local REALTOR® associations and affiliated organizations are ESSENTIAL in delivering our services and communicating our value
  • Demonstrated Commitment to the Code of Ethics and outstanding business conduct is CRUCIAL in reinforcing consumer trust and promoting a stable marketplace
 2015-2017 Strategic Plan